Creating your first form

Welcome to Formable, glad you choose to try us out! Once you registered for a Formable account you'll be able to create your first form.

  1. From the menu on the left, choose "Forms"
  2. On this page, click "Create a new form"

Forms listing page

  1. Choose a type of form you want to create. Pick "Blank form" to start from scratch.

Choose a type of form

  1. Fill in the heading and description of your form. The name of the form will also be displayed as such in the forms listing page.

Naming your form

  1. Click the first button in the row of field types to add a new field. This is a text field.

Naming your form

  1. Fill in a question and a placeholder to be shown in the input box.
  2. Try the button next to the text field button. It's a multiple choice / "radio" field.

Adding radio field

  1. Click the submit button at the bottom of the form to adjust the text on the button.

Submit button text

  1. Save the form by clicking in the top right corner.
  2. Go to the "publish" tab afterwards.

Save the form

  1. Your form is now ready to be embedded on your website. Take the code and insert it in a HTML file to load the form on your page!

Embedding a form

Congratulations! Your first form is ready for use.

Still have questions? Use our support form.

Excited to give it a try?

Excited to give it a try?

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