Form labels and error messages

For every Formable form, you can choose which way labels and error messages are displayed.

This way you can make a form fit the style of your website.

Open style tab

Open the style tab while editing a form.

Form labels

Form labels, or input labels, are the names of the fields. In most cases this is the question asked the user will answer.

By clicking one of the three options of "input labels" you can change the appearance of the labels.

Label options

Top will display the labels above the actual input fields.

Aside will put the labels left of the input fields.

No labels will hide the labels.

Error messages

You can choose to display error messages for validation inline for every field, or display them at the top of the form.

Error options

Inline will display all errors after the corresponding field.

Top will display all errors at the top of the form in one place.

Excited to give it a try?

Excited to give it a try?

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