Form settings

Every form has different needs. You can setup a couple of things in the "settings" section of your forms.

Open settings tab

Open the settings tab while editing a form.

Sending and receiving

These settings are used when a message is sent or received.

Confirm message

This is the message that gets shown to the user after they've successfully submit a message.

You can thank your user for using your form here.

Email notifications

Enter the email addresses you want to receive submissions on. You can add multiple addresses by seperating them with a comma.

Advanced settings

These settings are meant to configure the embedding process. If you don't know what these options would implicate, we suggest you leave them to their defaults.

Include CSS

You can turn off adding CSS to your forms. Formable forms have quite basic CSS and selectors, so you can create your own styles and adjust the default yourself.

If you find you don't need our CSS, feel free to disable it altogether.

Include validation

Validating fields costs just a few kb in bundle size. We suggest you leave this in for Formable to function well.

You can disable validation and shave off a few kb.

Excited to give it a try?

Excited to give it a try?

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